Saturday, October 24, 2009

Journal Pages with Digital Prints

Many times I will use images from the KathyAnne Art website and create digital journal pages from them. This one is a scan of a trim added to painted watercolor paper. After the scan is printed on a new page, a digital print on pimatex cotton is stuffed and added to the page with plenty of room to write if desired.

This page is a scan of a roughly painted watercolor paper. Once the painted paper is scanned, an image is added to the layer above the painted scanned layer. The image added here is a part of a cactus that has a blend mode added in Photoshop to blend the images.

Here we have a cactus pattern overlayed on a painted ground on watercolor paper. The one below is much the same way with the layers blended by overlay. The piece on the bottom is a digital print of a scanned background.

In my newsletter for the month of November, I will include information on a tutorial on how to create these journal pages. The mini workshops each month are free to members and there is a charge for the pdf to non members. Sign up for my email list on KathyAnne Art

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