Monday, January 11, 2010

Mini-Workshop Enhance Surfaces Before Printing

This month's mini workshop free for members is "Enhance Surfaces Before Printing".  Developing infinite ways to create interesting surfaces to print or overprint is one of my favorite things.  There is nothing more exciting than watching an incredible print emerge from your printer.  Well maybe there are lots of things more exciting than watching a printer print, but to me it's always amazing.  Seeing the colors, textures, patterns etc as the print appears.

The inspiration for this months mini -workshop came from working with skins and thinking, why don't I add elements to other surfaces, not just handmade skins.  Since I have already done a little of this before, I created some examples of the process.  It's fairly simple and produces great results.

Reprinted here is the introduction from the workshops.  As usual this workshop is a benefit of KathyAnne Art membership  -  free to members.  Make sure you sign in as a member, put the workshop in your cart and then price will show as zero.

For non members the workshop is $12.00.

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