Monday, November 9, 2009

Once a month I will be featuring a member of KathyAnne Art.  For November I would like to introduce Bonnie Samuel.  

Bonnie Samuel received her BA, Liberal Arts, at Drake University. Her art has developed over many years with study and experience in oil painting, sewing, handweaving and fiber art. Bonnie completed course work, seminars and classes in various art mediums and has had the good fortune to find mentors who inspired and helped in skill building.
Bonnie’s concentration has been studio work and developing a body of work over the past couple of years. Some work has been shown informally, but now the intent is to begin submission to art and art quilt shows. She had two art quilts placed in the "Textile & Fiber Art Exhibition 09" at the Fisher Art Center in Marshalltown, IA.
Bonnie also authors a blog "about fiber in art, culture and life," providing news and resources for the creative world of fiber artisans worldwide.

When asking Bonnie about her work, she told me the following:
"My life experiential path has been diverse, yet of great value in building a foundation for my avocation as a fiber artisan. Each art experience has added to a collage of interrelated segments, that in recent years has brought my art expression into focus for me.

The quilt art format combines creative elements I find most interesting and expressive – fabric, stitch, thread and painting. Design elements, either representational or abstract, are utilized in purposeful images to evoke an emotion, memory or bring focus to the message expressed by the art piece.

Fiber art is a rich, fulfilling and creative medium for me. It is an expressive art form, diverse in methods, construct, visual applications and employs a variety of skills. Fiber art is challenging and enriching for me as an artist and I think, too, for the viewer.

My imagery is meant for the viewer to identify with, have a good laugh, raise a fist in affirmation or simply enjoy."

Coming from an art quilt background, I love the colors and imagery Bonnie uses in her work.  Look up her blog at 
Bonnie Samuel Designs Blog You can also visit her website
Bonnie Samuel Designs.  You will find contact information at
these links if you would like to contact Bonnie.  

Below are 2 of Bonnie's Colorful art quilts.

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