Friday, November 27, 2009

Playing with Images

This will give a cursory look at what can be done to one of the images on the Kathyanne Art site.  It's a before and after.  I got involved in changing this image to something else and didn't write the steps down, so in this situation, it will be food for thought instead of a straight how to.  I used Photoshop to manipulate the image.  Journalpage 127 is the image I started with.

This image is meant to be a journal page that can be printed and written on.  I wanted to see what changes I could make and add a quote.  Here is where it ended up.

I turned the image clockwise using the transform tool.
Rasterized the type and filled it with a pattern I made from the print used in the geometric design.
Type was stroked and embossed.
Using the paint bucket tool, I filled the background with a new color, chosen also from the print in the geometric design.
Once the design was done, the background (which is everything but the type) was textured with one of the patterns in the fill box.

This image will be posted to my kathyannewhite blog on November 28th. Everyday that blog has a new post containing a positive aspect.

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