Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Art in Common

Art in Common is a private social network available to the members of KathyAnne Art.  Each new member will receive an invitation to Art in Common that will allow them to access the site.

The site contains:

*A forum for members to ask questions and start discussions.

*A blog for any of the members to use or post.

*Tutorials that are easily accessed which currently include:
Enlarging an Image to Print
Amate Process to make Paper from Kozo
Beginning Text using Photoshop Elements Part 1 & 2
Overprinting a Design
Creating Textures in Photoshop Elements
Photoshop Shortcuts
Stripe from an Image in Photoshop
Combining Photoshop Layers
with more to come

*Members can watch the videos posted and post their own.

*Members can post events they are involved in or want to publicize.

* Members can post photos of their work.

*Members can customize their pages.

*Members can chat.

The above images were created from the combining layers tutorial for Photoshop.

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