Thursday, December 3, 2009

Carol Wiebe: Artist Profile

Carol Wiebe is my artist profile this month.   I met Carol when she commented about a post on my KathyAnneArt blog.  Since then, Carol has enriched my life in many ways and has become a special friend of mine.

Carol's blog Silverspring Studio should be on everyone's "blog to visit often" list.  Unlike myself, Carol writes consistently, sometimes daily, but
certainly every few days and her content is interesting and varied.  I was inspired to my beverage can installation after a blog post Carol did which included a video "Margaret Wertheim: The beautiful math of coral (and crochet)". This video this video is an inspiring TED talk and describes an incredible crocheted installation project.  After viewing the video, I thought- wow I could do a forest surfaces installation of digitally printed recycled beverage cans.
Needless to say Silverspring Studio is not to be missed.

In Carol's own words:

I make art quilts, “Cracked Paper Quilts” to be exact, and I have found that this medium suits me perfectly.  I was already adding paper to my art quilts but after taking a workshop with artist Fran Skiles, I suddenly was able to take the leap into making my total quilt top out of paper.  I became obsessed with all that I could do with this humble material. I am passionate enough to devote every possible moment I can to creating art quilts, as well as preparing the materials I need or studying art books and attending workshops to increase my skills".

                    Dress       10" x 15.5"                                          Nest      31.5" x 25"

I am inspired by everything around me. I use my camera, pens and brushes to record what draws my eye, mind, and heart.  Then comes the computer stage, which I have to be careful to curtail or it dominates my time. It is just so much fun to turn my gathered images, words, and information into what I call design papers, the “fabric” of my paper art quilts.

A quilt can take anywhere from a week to a month (or a lifetime) to make. I incorporate all kinds of handmade elements, so I may have to carve some stamps, make stencils, create design papers in a myriad of ways. Then there is all the stitching, painting, stamping, collage. I may decide I want some paper beads added, or a clay inclusion or two. These have to be designed and created. I may be inspired to write a poem about what the piece is teaching me. As you can see, this process can become quite involved".

Be sure to visit Carol's blog and also see her videos of her process on Vimeo-

Cracked Paper Quilts 1: Sewing the Paper Top
Cracked Paper Quilts 2: Stitching the Paper Sandwich

Or if you are a KathyAnne Art member, you can enjoy Carol's videos on Art in Common.

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