Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Printing Uncommon Surfaces on the Epson PM 260

New Mini Workshop on KathyAnne Art

This month’s mini workshop is “Printing Uncommon Surfaces on the Epson PM 260”. The workshop pdf is 6 pages and takes you through my entire process using the PM 260 to print uncommon surfaces.
When teaching workshops, this printer sometimes does most of the printing for the workshop.  It is easy to use and will print many fabrics and papers.  It will even print on aluminum and fiberglass screen.

This compact photo printer is really versatile.  My original idea for this printer was to
print on the road, just in case I wanted to create journal pages, or test a new print in the design stage.  Now it is used more for teaching workshops and does an awesome
job.  Just remember if you are going to use surfaces other then what Epson intended, your warranty will be null and void.   That said my Epson PM 260 is 2.5 years old and without serious incident. 

You can purchase this workshop at KathyAnne Art.  If you are a member the workshop is free.  As a member, sign in and then put the workshop in your cart.  At check out the workshop price will be $0

For all others the workshop is $15.00 visit the KathyAnne Art website or buy now at PayPal

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