Monday, January 11, 2010

Mini-Workshop Enhance Surfaces Before Printing

This month's mini workshop free for members is "Enhance Surfaces Before Printing".  Developing infinite ways to create interesting surfaces to print or overprint is one of my favorite things.  There is nothing more exciting than watching an incredible print emerge from your printer.  Well maybe there are lots of things more exciting than watching a printer print, but to me it's always amazing.  Seeing the colors, textures, patterns etc as the print appears.

The inspiration for this months mini -workshop came from working with skins and thinking, why don't I add elements to other surfaces, not just handmade skins.  Since I have already done a little of this before, I created some examples of the process.  It's fairly simple and produces great results.

Reprinted here is the introduction from the workshops.  As usual this workshop is a benefit of KathyAnne Art membership  -  free to members.  Make sure you sign in as a member, put the workshop in your cart and then price will show as zero.

For non members the workshop is $12.00.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Current Workshops on Kathyanne Art

Starting the year out with a little review. Here is a list of the online workshops available on KathyAnne Art.

In 2009, I added a benefit for KathyAnne Art Members: a mini workshop each month that is free to members.  There is a charge for non-members.  You will see these mini workshops below.

When members sign in, then place a mini workshop in their cart, the workshop will be added to the cart for no charge.  Make sure as a member you sign in to take advantage of the free monthly mini workshops for members.

Full workshops are 20% off to members and full price for non members.  These online workshops come with a pdf of written information and a video that is accessible with a password that is included on the first page of the pdf.  Go to the tutorial section on the KathyAnne Art site to sign up for any of these workshops.

On Line Workshops with PDF Workbooks and Videos

Getting Started with Digital Print on Uncommon Surfaces
This workshop has a 16 page pdf and a 43 minute video.  If you want to learn how to digitally print on fabrics and other specialty surfaces, this workshop is for you.  As questions come up while you experiment with the process, you can contact me with inquiries at any time.

For a complete list of what this workshop contains,  you can see this blog post on my KathyAnne Art Blog

Journals with Digital Elements
This workshop explores using digital elements in journals and art books.  Several types of journals are demonstrated.  To see the information on this workshop, visit this post on this Inside KathyAnne Art Blog Post.

Mini Monthly Workshops, free to members

Mini Workshop: Garbage Journals
These journals consist of leftovers, collected papers, maps, fabrics etc.  Learn about these fun journals on this blog post.

Mini Workshop: Creating a Background and Frame from an Image
Created for both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, this mini workshop gives ideas on creating backgrounds and shows ways to use the techniques, complete info here.

Mini Workshop: Dying Watercolor Paper
This mini workshop shows how I dye my watercolor paper for journals and watercolor paper I overprint for my artwork.  A how to with pictures of each step makes up the pdf for this mini workshop.