Friday, June 28, 2013

Adding Textures and Layers in Photoshop Touch for iPad

by KathyAnne White

Using Photoshop Touch when you are on the go is a great way to create and manipulate images captured on your devices. Now with Adobe's Creative Cloud you have access to all the Adobe software—your files can also be stored and shared in the cloud. Continuing what you started on your iPhone or iPad is easily accomplished using other parts of the Adobe software.

For this workshop we will explore manipulating an image by adding images, making selections and playing with some of the features in Photoshop Touch to add surface texture.

Most of the time when I create an image to print, a photograph is the base. The best thing for me is to work through ideas moment to moment and let my image evolve. Keeping in mind the chosen surface to be printed, my image manipulation focuses around dimension and texture. If the iPad is my tool of choice for messing around with an image, I usually work with Photoshop Touch for image manipulation. There are limitations, especially if you are used to creating with Photoshop. No worries, it's still worth the effort to get familiar with this interesting app.

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