Friday, December 13, 2013

iPhone—iPad Art

This months tutorial is a video with accompanying pdf. The video is on YouTube and Vimeo and the PDF is free on my KathyAnne Art Site at this link.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Assembling Metal Surfaces

My journey with digital printing on alternative surfaces started over ten years ago. Since then the amount of digital prints created in my studio is in the thousands. Originally my goal was to add interesting fabrics to my art quilts by printing my designs. As my art expanded—digital prints on alternative surfaces became my palette. This process workshop “Assembling Metal Surfaces” depicts some of my current works in progress and how they are constructed.

This is a process workshop and not a specific step-by-step instructions. On my KathyAnne Art site you will find a few other workshops that give step-by-step how to’s with some of my process using metals and hardware cloth.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Preparing and Digitally Printing Lightweight Metals Part 2

Continuing with Part Two of "Preparing and Digitally Printing Lightweight Metals" the workshop takes on a video format. This allows viewers a personal look at the print process and all it entails.  Photoshop CC is used for image manipulation. The video illustrates the result of the actual verses the printed images. Using my Epson R3000 I demonstrate how to load the surface through the front feed. This second part of the workshop concludes with varnishing the finished prints.

The accompanying Pdf for video access also contains a supplier list for the various supplies.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Preparing and Digitally Printing Lightweight Metal

Exploring digital printing on different types of metals inspires me. Beverage cans have long been my metal of choice and are used in many of my art assemblages. Printing plates are another enjoyable surface to print digitally. The subject of this workshop will be other types of lightweight metals in the 36 gauge range. Copper, brass and aluminum in 36 gauge are really quite nice to print and then work with after printing. Their pliable characteristic adds to my interest for investigating possibilities after they have been printed. 

This is Part One of a Two part workshop. The first part is about preparing the metal and ideas on image selection. The second part is the print process and all the particulars.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Constructing Studies with Digital Prints on Alternative Surfaces

by KathyAnne White

My studio is continually stacked with surfaces for printing and surfaces already printed. Most of the time my four largest studio tables— 4 x 8 foot (10.160 x 20.320 cm) are end to end with an array of digital prints in various stages of assemblage. For this workshop I will share my after printing process. This process workshop allows you to observe ideas
 for creating possibilities. Whether you work with digital prints or other types of mixed media this is about getting creative by doing studies to push your own creative process. 

When working on a new body of work—studies assist me with hands—on—creating.

Constructing Studies is a 14 page PDF workshop. Be sure to browse this blog for descriptions of many of the workshops on KathyAnne Art. If you are not a member you can take individual workshops for $9.95.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Bevel and Emboss for Texture

By KathyAnne White

Adobe Photoshop is one of my most used art tools. In order to do anything with printing alternative surfaces, my image must be printed. If my work flow was to print an image say an original photograph—my job would include the following. Open the image in Photoshop, color correct if needed, resize the image based on the surface size—then using the Photoshop print process— print on the selected surface.

For me—it isn’t quite that cut and dry. In using a photograph for printing the surfaces created in my studio, my choice is to bring out texture and other hidden facets from any image. For this workshop you will get an idea of one of the ways my images are transformed before printing. This workshop will be a process workshop. I will give you food for thought and then you will use your images and play with the techniques to create what works for you. Along the way you will discover how you want to proceed.

Using Adobe Photoshop CC we will go through my steps used to manipulate an image to add texture and dimension. There is always an element of “what if” in my work. Since there are infinite possibilities for this process (or any process using photo-manipulation software) I will show you what could happen at the various stages and then you are on your own for your creation with your image.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Adding Textures and Layers in Photoshop Touch for iPad

by KathyAnne White

Using Photoshop Touch when you are on the go is a great way to create and manipulate images captured on your devices. Now with Adobe's Creative Cloud you have access to all the Adobe software—your files can also be stored and shared in the cloud. Continuing what you started on your iPhone or iPad is easily accomplished using other parts of the Adobe software.

For this workshop we will explore manipulating an image by adding images, making selections and playing with some of the features in Photoshop Touch to add surface texture.

Most of the time when I create an image to print, a photograph is the base. The best thing for me is to work through ideas moment to moment and let my image evolve. Keeping in mind the chosen surface to be printed, my image manipulation focuses around dimension and texture. If the iPad is my tool of choice for messing around with an image, I usually work with Photoshop Touch for image manipulation. There are limitations, especially if you are used to creating with Photoshop. No worries, it's still worth the effort to get familiar with this interesting app.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Over—Printing Felt Surfaces

By Kathyanne White

Felting is a beautiful form of fiber art. The surface is intriguing and textural in so many ways so it always interested me. For years I've wanted to pursue felted surfaces for digital printing. Getting the felt thin enough for printers however, can be somewhat of a challenge. That was until I met felt artist   Suzanne MorganSuzanne's felting and nuno felting are suitably thin enough to print. Recently Suzanne shared some of her felt pieces with me for experimenting. You can see and read about some of results on a blog post on my  Digital Alternative Surfaces site. 

For this video workshop I take one of Suzanne's felt pieces and show you how to create the image and work the print process. Photoshop CS6 is used to manipulate the image for the overprint. Once the image is ready, again using Photoshop CS6 we will go through printing the image.

The process of overprinting can be used in many ways. An overprint is used on a surface that has some type of design, color, pattern something that can be seen already on the surface. This technique can be used on any surface you want to print—felt or not. If you love felt, this is awesome and an entire new alternative surface for digital printing. 

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My New Book: "Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces:the definitive source"

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

iPad Play with Paper 53

by Kathyanne White

This video workshop will take you through the basics of Paper 53. Paper 53 is an app for iPad. You can visit their site at

From their site you will be able to find all the information on the tools. From this workshop you will see me create a simple sketch. You receive the a booklet in app to go through on what the app can do. Plus there are complete instructions to scroll through inside the app. 

For free you receive the pen tool and a basic color palette. Everything else is an in-app purchase. 

This is truly one of my favorite apps. It’s where I go first to play on my iPad. The video included in this workshop shows you some of the tools in action. I will page through one of my journals, show you how to load a personal cover and play with a few of the tools.A part real time and timed lapse video will guide you through drawing in my loose style on this app.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Simple Gel Medium Skins

March Workshop of the Month for KathyAnne Art

This video workshop will take you through my process of creating a basic gel medium skin to use for digital printing. This is the simplest form of a skin for printing. You will see the way skins are created and attached to a carrier sheet.

Digitally printed skins can stand alone and are also wonderful additions to all types of mixed media artwork. Try a few and see where this process takes you. Get creative with uses for your printed skins. 

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Variations on Digital Printing Dyed Fabric

Last month the workshop of the month for KathyAnne Art members 
was about digital printing on colored paper. This
 month we will look 
at digital printing on dyed fabric.  
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces: Colored Papers

Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces: Colored Paper Workshop
by Kathyanne White

Digital printing on colored paper is a magnificent way to develop 
fascinating printed images.  Some papers such as lace are 
fragile to print and many custom hand made papers could
 fall apart when they get wet.  If you coat your fragile paper 
with single strokes and lift the paper quickly and gently to place on flat
 plastic to dry, you shouldn’t have any problems.   This workshop will 
focus on two types of colored paper one fragile and one sturdy. 
Both papers have appealing surface texture before adding the precoat.

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