Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Studio Journals Mini Workshop!

When I work in my studio I like to play at the same time. Building journals is something that I usually have going on the side.  In fact right now I have an ebook in the works on a new journal design and another workshop having to do with really stuffed journals.  For some reason, creating them gives me a chance to play.  So when I was deciding what to do for the free KathyAnneArt member workshop of the month I decided to share my new design for studio journals.  There have been many different types of studio journals over the years, but recently I had the opportunity to look at what really would move me in a studio journal.

The design for this months workshop was first used for my artwork that will be included in Sue Bleiweiss's book coming out next year-Sketchbook Challenge- tag line to be announced later.  When Sue asked me to do some artwork and a sketchbook to go with I got inspired to something I had been thinking about for awhile.  I loved using the design, thought of someways to make it better and then put that all together for this workshop.  You can make this journal from an old book which is explained in the workshop.

The cost of the workshop is 9.95. Click below to purchase this workshop.