Monday, September 27, 2010

Finish Your Journal-Assembling Pages

Seems I am always making journals.  Whether it is for a workshop or just because I get the urge, there are journals and journal pieces all over my studio.  
Once the covers and pages are complete, they need to be assembled.

This mini video workshop covers attaching your pages when 
you have finished all the elements to your journal.

Most of my journals are collaged before pages are attached.  In the demo journal for the video the pages are freshly cut and white.  After I finished the video, I went back with dyes mixed with water and brushed dye over the pages.  You can see that in the section pictured with the title at the top of this post.  

  My preference is to work intuitively and let the
materials and pieces determine how they all end up.
My journal construction follows this course.   In the video, I show you a few journals that have been assembled, what they look like when finished and different beaded backs.  The journal below is the one I assemble for the workshop.

This workshop is free to members, so if you are a member be sure to sign in before adding the workshop to your cart.

Non-members go to KathyAnne Art to purchase the workshop for $9.95.