Thursday, September 22, 2011

Digital Printing Fragile Surfaces Workshop

Lately I’ve been experimenting with fragile recycled papers and digital printing. In my “Wrap it Up-journals with style” ebook published last month, there is a chapter on recycling paperback book pages by stacking them, gluing them together and painting them.  For myself I’ve then taken those painted book pages and used them for overprinting.  The painted backgrounds are yummy when printed, but no words show.  
What about letting the words peak out from underneath a digital print?  There are lots of books in my studio that can be used to supply pages for printing.  When used on their own, most of these book pages are fragile and too flimsy to print even with a precoat.  The pages need to be glued to others to make them thicker, but that isn’t the effect I was looking for when I started this process.  
I love the feel of fragile papers and the look when they have been printed.  Special care is needed to successfully print the pages and once a few solutions appear this becomes an easy process.  

Once you have participated in this workshop you will know exactly what you need to print fragile surfaces.  A complete supply list is in the pdf instructions along with url and password for video access.  The video takes you through the entire process.  You will be able to tailor what you learned to your own printer.  If you have any questions about the material, my email address is listed in the pdf and you are welcome to contact me for any help you would like.

This workshop is free to KathyAnne Art members

For non members the workshop is $9.95 and you can purchase by clicking here.