Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Boxes of Metal

This months mini workshop is Boxes of Metal.  During this workshop we will put together a basic metal box.  The design for these boxes is decorative, so they do not open.  I create them from both digitally printed beverage cans and also printed recycled printer plates.  You can use any metal surface that is thin but somewhat rigid.  The metal used has to be easy to manipulate by cutting and punching holes.  You do not have to use digitally printed metal, but do your own thing to the surface before assembling.  Adapt the design anyway you would like. 
You can also turn these boxes into rattles by adding beads and bells and anything that you love to hear rattle.  The first one I made has a bunch of words inside with other rattle types of stuffing.  

This workshop is free to members, so members be sure to sign in and use this url.

If you are a non member.  You can purchase the workshop by clicking HERE for $9.95 you will receive the pdf by a large file email after purchase.