Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Images from Two Guns on KathyAnne Art

Two Guns Arizona is a ghost town set on old Route 66.  For information about my trip there click here.  After shooting over 250 pictures of the area I added royalty free images of the area on KathyAnne Art.  They are in the travel collection and start on page 5.  Below you will see all the preview images, in order to find them on the KathyAnne Art site start by clicking here and page through pages 5 through 8 on the site.

One of the detail images from the pool graffiti has been altered I separated layers, filled them with pattern or texture and added a pattern layer at the bottom.  This is the altered image.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mixing Digital Prints and Encaustic

This month's new mini workshop on KathyAnne Art is "Mixing Digital Prints and Encaustic"

The encaustic process intrigues me and I find it a great mix with digital prints.  My work with encaustic allows me to expand my ideas while assembling surfaces.
In this workshop,  I will take you through my process working with both my digital prints on a few types of surfaces and encaustic medium.  Amazing texture can be achieved mixing the two mediums.  If you are looking to learn a lot about the encaustic process, you can check out the books in the materials list.  We will not be learning the total encaustic process, but how it relates to mixing digital prints, wax and texture from my point of view.  If you want to get into encaustic work I advise you to take a workshop or find books on the subject. For books on the step by step process in encaustic check the material list at the end of the workshop. I list my favorite books on the subject.

This workshop is free to KathyAnne Art members, so members be sure to sign in and then use this url.

If you are a non member this workshop is $15.00 and you can purchase it by clicking HERE