Monday, March 31, 2014

Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces Your Way!

In a few weeks April 27 to May 3 2014—I will be teaching an innovative workshop on Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces in Greenville, New York at Hudson River Valley Art/Fiber Workshops.  (enrollment information)

This workshop is tailored to how you want to use digital prints in your artwork. Each student will have a free consultation with me so together we can work out what best suits the individual's work. One example could be the artist who just wants to learn all they can on printing uncommon surfaces. Fiber artists may want to learn to specifically how to use these techniques in art quilts. Another fiber artist that would like to create felt pieces that are digitally printed. Even a painter or watercolorist may want to add digital elements. This is also the place to be for all the artists that want to learn my assembling techniques for metals and other substrates. 

 There is still time to enroll and come to work on your vision with your art. Any and all levels are welcome. This is going to be an amazing creative week. 

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and my YouTube video on this workshop!!

Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces in Greenville New York at 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lightweight Airy Surfaces

An interesting way to create surfaces is to build them with “airy” or “empty areas”. By this I mean to use gauze or cheesecloth surfaces and accentuate the lightness of the surface before applying the precoat. Also you can experiment with a variety of synthetic surfaces and achieve intriguing effects.  

For this video workshop we will look at cheesecloth, melted reemay and synthetic felt. Although synthetics are often melted after printing, these surfaces can be altered before printing. The only parameters for the synthetics is that after manipulating they flow safely through your printers. Take some of the ideas presented and see how far you can take this type of process.

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