Friday, December 14, 2012

Digital Prints and Encaustic Workshop

By Kathyanne White

When working with hot wax and digital prints I loosely call it encaustic since it isn't quite what we think of when we say encaustic.  My set up uses Purified Beeswax and Damar Resin-Encaustic Medium.  Usually for encaustic this medium would be mixed with pigment.  

"By definition- Encaustic (which goes by hot wax painting) is an ancient technique.  The artist heats beeswax to the liquid stage, then mixes in pigmentation.  The resulting medium is applied to a surface."

For encaustic a base like clapboard, wood, ceramics, stretched canvas and other rigid types of surfaces are used.  These rigid surfaces protect the wax from cracking after it cools.  My take on encaustic for this workshop is different than my precious encaustic tutorials and articles.  One of my previous encaustic workshops "Mixing Digital Prints and Encaustic"  used hot wax to combine digital prints on a rigid surface in different configurations.  In this current workshop is a straight forward simple way to combine wax with a non rigid surface..............

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