Thursday, September 27, 2012

Display Art with Hardware Cloth

Displaying your artwork can sometimes be a challenge.  There is lots to think about after you finish work and want to frame it up so to speak.  Decisions to accomplish finishing work are based on how the work feels and how you want the work shown to the viewer.  

Using hardware cloth to mount some of my pieces is one of my favorite solutions.  Once I create an assemblage I want the mounting to be unobtrusive.  If I build a flat box type of hardware cloth base the work is what shows not a frame.   A certain amount of light will add dimension to the work itself and the hardware cloth accomplishes this element.  The work is then easily hung on the wall with no other hanging device.  There is no outside frame and the work can speak for itself.

In this video workshop I will show you how I create with hardware cloth. 

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