Friday, July 20, 2012

Simple Techniques for Blending Images Part 2 Phototshop Elements 10

For this workshop we will be blending a couple of images using Photoshop Elements 10.  Part 1 of this workshop, posted in June of 2012 on the KathyAnne Art site, focused on the iPad app- Photoshop Touch.  This workshop will be a bit different as we blend 2 images and eventually create a stripe layer to go in between the images.  
Hint: If you are new to Elements 10 and would like to learn some of the basics you can go to on the internet and watch videos on the basics of Elements 10.  You won’t find the basics of Elements or Photoshop in my tutorials, just things that I develop for my manipulated art images with the programs.  For this process we will go step by step and if you have any questions feel free to email me. 
One more thing- I always open Photoshop Elements 10 in Editor Mode since I don’t want Adobe Organizer to organize my images.
This workshop is free to KathyanneArt members.  After you log into to site, go to this url to download the workshop.

Non members to purchase this workshop for $15.00 click here.