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Thursday, June 25, 2015

KathyAnne White—Classes on Skillshare!

Several Months ago I started teaching some classes on Skillshare. I was already a member and took a lot of classes on digital programs I am learning. Plus I love to see what Graphic Designers are doing with Illustrator. There are a multitude of classes to get your creative juices going. 

Last night I published another new class- to Skillshare

Blend Images on your iPhone, iPad or iPod with Image Blender

You can sign up or view the Image Blender Class, read the class description and watch the introduction video at this link.

Here's the bonus— I am giving away a premium membership on Skillshare to one lucky student that signs up for the Image Blender class and posts a project by July 31st! 

Although Skillshare is a membership site you can use the site for 14 days if you have not been there before. You could take any of my classes for free in that 14 days. 

For a look at my other classes on Skillshare—

Design Repeat Patterns in Photoshop an use them to Enhance your Images!

To view the Patterns Class, read the class description and watch the introduction video   follow this link

Two classes on my Digital Image Transfer process are also on Skillshare!

Digital Image Transfers From Screen to Surface
 To view the Digital Image Transfers Class, read the class description and watch the introduction video follow this link

And my first class published on Skillshare—

Create Impressive Image Transfers from Your Photographs!

To view this class, read the class description and watch the introduction video  follow this link

Check out my classes on Skillshare as you follow the links you will be able to view the class video list, class description and the video introduction of the class. I'd love to see you there. My list of links will get you right to the class of mine you want to see!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Photoshop Shorts

This video tutorial includes-making a stripe from an image and then blending the image with the stripe—texturing an image—printing a photoshop file. Each of these ideas are what I use in my process working with and creating images to print.

Any version of Photoshop should work with the short subjects in this tutorial. There may be a slight difference with Photoshop Elements, but you will still be able to use the ideas presented.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Torching Metal—Develop Surface Variations

This video workshop takes you through my process of heating metals for interesting design. During the process the colors develop from the temperature of the flame. Different metals will create different colors. The palette of color is not extensive, mostly golds, reds, browns and blues depending on the metal and the temperature applied. Play with this to see what you come up with.

For safety be sure to wear protection for your face and eyes- goggles and/or face protection. Heat resistant gloves are helpful. 

Always think of your safety when using torches. Take precautions to be safe. Pick an area free of items that could start on fire when working. I always have a fire extinguisher within reach.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Metals for Art Components

My fascination with metals is continuous. This workshop will show you some of my
current ideas. These ideas are possible with papers, fabrics and other types of
surfaces even though they will not react quite the same way as metal.
Take what works for you from these ideas—then take them further. As you start to
experiment you will find all sorts of ways to create components for your mixed media
Vary shapes, color, materials, texture etc. Be playful—mix it up—invent your own
original elements. This is meant to be inspiration for new ideas.

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Construct Coils Using Metal Wire

In this video workshop I will share one of the ways to create wire for your artwork.
My work has evolved over the years to embrace using metals in fiber like ways. This
workshop is right along those lines. By using simple plastic knitting looms—you will see
how easy it is to create different size coils from wire to add to your mixed media
configurations. (one quick idea is to anchor the wire by pressing a bit of the coil into
gel medium or thick paints)

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