Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Creative Digital Printing - No Art Printer Required Part One

Last month I added the Epson 1100 Workforce printer to my art tools.  Since I travel and teach alternative surface printing, sometimes in only a one day workshop.  I always use my little Epson Charm and my little Epson Dash printers.  They print 4” x 6”  and are intended to print photo paper that comes with each ink cartridge.   When I first started using my Epson Dash I was amazed at the surfaces these smaller printers could handle.  Most of the fabrics like pimatex cotton and a few of my alternative surfaces as well as light weight metals,  are printed on my little printers.  This got me to thinking “why not get a little larger size out of prints created on a non-art printer.”   That turned out to be an extremely wonderful idea because I am having all sorts of fun printing with the 1100 and a print size of 13” x 19”.  

This months mini workshop is Creative Digital Printing - No Art Printer Required.  In this workshop I pass on some beginning techniques to create digital alternative prints on surfaces that will fit in the Epson 1100 a straight pass through printer.  It does a great job with alternative surfaces for digital printing.  Next month I will get into light weight metals and who knows what else.  Enjoy this workshop.

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