Thursday, June 25, 2015

KathyAnne White—Classes on Skillshare!

Several Months ago I started teaching some classes on Skillshare. I was already a member and took a lot of classes on digital programs I am learning. Plus I love to see what Graphic Designers are doing with Illustrator. There are a multitude of classes to get your creative juices going. 

Last night I published another new class- to Skillshare

Blend Images on your iPhone, iPad or iPod with Image Blender

You can sign up or view the Image Blender Class, read the class description and watch the introduction video at this link.

Here's the bonus— I am giving away a premium membership on Skillshare to one lucky student that signs up for the Image Blender class and posts a project by July 31st! 

Although Skillshare is a membership site you can use the site for 14 days if you have not been there before. You could take any of my classes for free in that 14 days. 

For a look at my other classes on Skillshare—

Design Repeat Patterns in Photoshop an use them to Enhance your Images!

To view the Patterns Class, read the class description and watch the introduction video   follow this link

Two classes on my Digital Image Transfer process are also on Skillshare!

Digital Image Transfers From Screen to Surface
 To view the Digital Image Transfers Class, read the class description and watch the introduction video follow this link

And my first class published on Skillshare—

Create Impressive Image Transfers from Your Photographs!

To view this class, read the class description and watch the introduction video  follow this link

Check out my classes on Skillshare as you follow the links you will be able to view the class video list, class description and the video introduction of the class. I'd love to see you there. My list of links will get you right to the class of mine you want to see!!

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